About Us

About us

Ohana Academy is committed to crafting a personalized education unique to each child. While supporting the families and community we serve.

Ohana means family and we understand that Early Education is a partnership between educators and family.

Ohana Academy will include a broad approach to your child’s education.  With a combination of over 100 years of experience we know what to prepare your child for. It’s  how we get there that makes us Ohana special. 

Ohana Academy fosters exploring and excellence In every child’s day!

More About Us

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We use technology to provide portfolio based evidence of learning and growth with each child

As your child goes seamlessly through our school years it is easy to share documented observations of outcomes. Additionally parents meet with educators at scheduled times during the school year to discuss their child’s progression.


At Ohana Academy we recognize that every child learns differently. We move away from one stop style of learning. Our approach combines many approaches to meet the needs of every child individually.

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Montessori offers a unique approach to a proven educational experience. And is a mainline to success in our classrooms

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Reggio adds an additional spark of creative exploration and free and individual engagement for every learner

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Treating you child like the individual they are means exactly that. We know that learning is not a one stop destination. Just like every child is an individual every experience must be met where the child is Here you become Ohana/ family and we all share equity in the successful outcomes of your child. We look forward to building a long term family relationship from infant to kindergarten here at Ohana Academy